Come to my dreams and we will be together forever

17 Oct

The Dream Hunt +Fallen Gods Inc.+ 5th Anniversary

A number, a word. Five, to dream and keep dreaming.

Now that the Dream is whole you can dream on the Islands at the Temple Entrance or simply play your clues inside. Complete the Journey to +Fallen Gods Inc.+ 5th Anniversary.

The Hunt will last till the 21st of October. When the Dream word will be complete, all Island will be already given trough group notices and present on the Island as their relative hidden visions.

Use the diapason to play the tunes and get clues.

Collect the visions and merge dreams on October 20 1 pm slt.

Body Tattoo: Sandbringer, the Third Vision +FGInc.+

Body Accessories: Dreamcatcher, the First Vision +FGInc.+

Gloves: Dream Makers, the Fourth Vision +FGInc.+

Pants: Dreamer, the Second Vision +FGInc.+

Sky Island: Dreamers Nest, the Fifth Vision +FGInc.+

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