A friend is the person who shows the path and walking with us part of the way

30 Jun

I’ve stolen this phrase to Francesco Alberoni because is the best way to express how I’m feeling now.

I don’t usually comment my posts, just put the credits of the items that I want to show but this time is different.

The reason is that I feel very lucky to have the best friends and also because today begins a new project for me. Today I open my first store in Second Life. It is not very big still but has all the love in the world and I hope it grows more and more. It’s called * Rivendell * and in it you can find cute toys with poses and accessories, I hope you like it. And I could open this store thanks to Luciana Button who has been encouraging me for a long time to bring out my creative side and helped me in everything that I needed to open the store.

Thank you very much for everything my cute daughter! Loviuuu!!!! ❤

Romper: *Anymore. Summer Romper GREY (New!)

Cat: * Rivendell * Plushie Kat * Grey (Exclusive for YXROOM)

Hair: Tameless Cherry – Blacks and Whites (New!)

Romper: *Anymore. Summer Romper RED (New!)

Bear: * Rivendell * Sweet Bear * Sakura (Exclusive for YXROOM)

Hair: Tameless Cherry – Browns (New!)

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